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We at Crescent Books are dedicated to producing and publishing literature with the intent to bring peace and happiness, and to contribute towards global security. Our priority in this regard is to publish books which have the potential of bridging the unfortunate gap between Muslims and non-Muslims throughout the world. We hope to bring about a better understanding of Islam, the religion of 1.6 billion people, one-fourth of the world's population.

With our debut publication, "Would You Like To Know Something About Islam? The Time Is Ripe" by Mohammad Ahmed, we have done our best and hope to have provided an important and much-needed service to all. Our intention is and will always be to take steps that will truly bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims, so we may all live peacefully, be happy, and prosper mutually. We would like to hear everyone's feedback in regards to our efforts.
To summarize, our motto will suffice,

"Making It Easy, Getting It Across."

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